Microsoft is having a bit of a torrid time in China, after being named in the group of companies that are currently being investigated for antitrust issues in the country.

And as we learned late last month, CEO Satya Nadella planned a trip to China to resolve this dispute.

Now we have some new updates on this, via Reuters, that the Redmond leader met with officials from SAIC (China’s State Administration for Industry and Commerce) to discuss the reasons for the investigation and find out ways to speed up the probe.

Exact details of the conversation are, understandably, under wraps.

For Nadella, though, this was his first trip to Asia as Microsoft CEO, and interestingly, the company initially claimed that this visit to China had nothing to do with the abovementioned antitrust investigation. However, the reality is rather obvious.

Redmond obviously wants to address the Chinese concerns in an effective manner.

The software titan assured the country that it was serious about complying with local laws, and reaffirmed commitment to address any questions and concerns from SAIC. SAI chief, Zhang Mao, on the other hand promised Nadella a fair and transparent government investigation.

Again, understandably.

Let’s just hope this particular issue reaches its conclusion soon. China is an important market for Microsoft, and the company is making a steady progress there in terms of hardware — Windows tablets and notebooks, if not Windows Phone.

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  • Mike Greenway

    Isn’t he in Idea right now? I’m sure the headline will be true in “present tense” soon.