It appears that we are nearing the end of the longwinded saga of Microsoft choosing its next leader. Steve Ballmer’s successors, it seems, could be announced as early as next week.

And the man of the moment, still, is the company’s cloud boss Satya Nadella.

This new information comes from Recode, with people close to the matter revealing that the software titan has almost completed the selection of its next CEO — a lengthy process that has taken no less than 160 days since Ballmer made his retirement plans public.

In fact, an official announcement is prepared for next week.

The most interesting bit in all this is that the company has talked with more than 100 candidates for what is undoubtedly the most prestigious open position in the technology industry. By far.

Bill Gates has been leading the special committee that the board tasked with landing a new CEO.

And in line with previous reports, Satya Nadella is the one that will take over from Ballmer, with the report claiming that a couple of other internal candidates are also involved with these last minute talks.

Names like Kevin Turner and Tony Bates are thrown around, but both are behind Nadella as of this moment. The board is backing him, and unless the situation drastically changes, Nadella will make his first public appearance as Microsoft CEO at BUILD 2014 in April.

File all of this under rumors, for now, but even if the company does not make an announcement next week, this much is clear that the search for the third Microsoft CEO is almost complete.

It is only a matter of time before the new person takes charge.

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  1. As long as he keeps all the current divisions and sells nothing you won’t hear me complaining 🙂

    • Yeah, that’s the minimum one should hope for. 🙂 There are many that want Microsoft to trim the fat, so to speak, but selling some of the more popular divisions will only be tampering with future success, nothing more.

    • If Elop became MS CEO, he may sell one or two division like what he did to Nokia. 🙂

      • No selling sir 😉

      • Microsoft would be suicidal if they chose Elop. The baggage he brings and the track record would tank the stock slowly and surely. It would be a lose lose because the press and everyone else would expect him to fail from day one.

        He would have to literally cure AIDS and Cancer before people respected his chops..

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