Redmond may have unleashed some key new products in the first ten months of the year, but if the company manages to name a new CEO before the year is out, nothing would top it.

The company is currently hard at work searching for a new leader, and according to a new report, the committee tasked with finding a new CEO has narrowed now the shortlist to just five men.

Reuters claims that Microsoft is now discussing things over with Ford CEO Alan Mulally, former Nokia boss Stephen Elop, Satya Nadella, the cloud expert, and former Skype president Tony Bates. Fifth name, however, has been kept under wraps.

Whoever that fifth name is, for now it seems that Alan Mulally is the only candidate from outside the company. Interesting, interesting!

According to insiders, while these five names are currently the top candidates for the CEO seat, the committee is also in talks with some other big name executives in the industry. Another plan could be the appointing two different CEOs — a notion already brought up more than once.

Anyway, Redmond estimates that the talks with these candidates could take some time. In other words, the company getting a new leader on board this year is by no means a guarantee.

Microsoft will obviously not comment of any such rumors, but it is becoming increasingly clear that we are getting nearer from seeing the Redmond Empire welcome its new leader.

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  • Ray C

    I’m not sure who else from outside the company people would be looking at. I don’t remember too many other external names being mentioned.