Satya Nadella has a flight booked. Microsoft CEO is heading to China to discuss the currently ongoing antitrust probe with government officials, Reuters is reporting.

Things have escalated fast in the country these past few months.

Chinese authorities are claiming that the software titan is not exactly transparent when it comes to sales data regarding Windows and Office copies it sells in the region. They are also investigating how the company bundles Internet Explorer and Windows Media Player with its software.

The report says that Nadella plans to personally get involved with the case and work with regulators in order to address these claims and concerns.

Although exact reasons for this visit are yet to be disclosed, insiders reveal that while Satya Nadella plans to discuss business with government officials, he could also try to resolve things with SAIC, the State Administration for Industry and Commerce.

This is one of the three antitrust bodies in China that is investigating the company.

The visit is scheduled for late September, but it will not be the first time a Microsoft official has met with Chinese officials. The company’s deputy general counsel Mary Snapp has already gone over things with representatives from SAIC.

Microsoft is having a terrible time in China currently, and the company would want to avoid a fine like the $731 million penalty in Europe last year in a similar antitrust case.

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  • Ray C

    Nadella should be able to get this taken care of. As much as people like to hate on Ballmer, this is one area where she shined. He was good at going into these type of meetings and making sure the deal got made

  • Superade

    Shouldn’t have to pay a penny to China.. The rampant plagiarist’s are taking the p*ss just like the Russians.

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