And this is what it’s called too. The company does not always get the naming part right, but still the Microsoft Chromecast competitor looks like a very capable devices.

However, it comes with a price tag that just seems a little high — $60.

Anyway, Microsoft announced the accessory on the official Windows blog, confirming that it is not actually a Chromecast rival as was reported a little while back. As a matter of fact, we first heard about this device exactly a month back, give it a day.

This is basically a Miracast receiver, meaning you do not require a WiFi network or Internet connectivity to make it work. Also fancily known as WiDi, short for Wireless Display.

This is an adhoc wireless protocol developed by Intel to allow users the ability to steam movies, music, and photos wirelessly from a compatible computer to a HDTV. The important thing is that this standard is not dependent on WiFi connectivity, and all you need are Miracast compatible devices.

Luckily, many Microsoft devices are, including Surface tablets and Lumia smartphones.

Here is a little video that the company rolled out to showcase this:

The Microsoft Wireless Display Adapter will be available in October, and it is easy to see businesses and companies moving towards these devices, as these are much cheaper than using dedicated projectors. Not to mention they don’t have the hassle of wires and all that. Tidy, tidy!

More stuff like this, please, Microsoft.

And better naming next time.

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