Microsoft has detailed the various paid storage options for its SkyDrive cloud service.

Here are some of the details of the new Skydrive.

  • 7GB free for all new SkyDrive users. Microsoft believe 7GB provides enough space for over 99% of people to store their entire Office document library and share photos for several years, along with room for growth. To put things in perspective, 99.94% of SkyDrive customers today use 7GB or less – and 7GB is enough for over 20,000 Office documents or 7,000 photos.
  • Ability to upload large files – up to 2GB – and folders using SkyDrive for the Windows desktop or SkyDrive for OS X Lion.
  • Paid storage plans (+20GB, +50GB, +100GB) so that power users who need more storage can easily add more at competitive prices (US$10/year, US$25/year, US$50/year). Please note that paid-for storage requires the ability to pay by credit card (or via PayPal, in some markets) and a Windows Live ID that can be associated with that credit card or PayPal account.

Microsoft has also released a preview version of SkyDrive for Windows, a local version of its SkyDrive client. The preview is available for Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8 Consumer Preview.

With the SkyDrive app for Windows, everything put in a SkyDrive folder on a Windows PC is automatically kept in sync between PCs, Macs and

Here’s a video about Skydrive from the site:

Microsoft updated the Windows 8 Development blog with more details about Skydrive.

You can read the post here.

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  • ECM2

    What’s the difference between SkyDrive and Office365? I have been using Office365 for (I think) 6 months now – and have been paying $12/month for my wife and me.

  • Handa

    I have a problem with my newly installed “SkyDrive app”. It’s not in sync with the files I have made previously on the “webbrowser version”. When I right click the little skydrive icon and choose “Go to” it takes me to my webbrowser skydrive, where I have several folders, documents and photos, but when I open skydrive in explorer, there is nothing. 

    Am I doing something wrong? Hope you can help =)

    Running Vista.

    • Handa

      Okay, simply changing the location of the folder helped..! 😀