Paul Allen, the co-founder of Microsoft along with Bill Gates has weighed in on Windows 8.

Long retired, the somewhat eccentric genius is one of the richest people in the world (#48) and he still is curious about technical developments.

He shared his comments on his site and here are some of the things he had to say.

When the PC or tablet initially starts up, you will see the Start screen, which is a view suited nicely for use from a tablet. Strangely, there is no way to set the desktop as your default view (there should be). The quickest way to get into Desktop view is to click on the Desktop tile on the Start screen, which is a bit of an unnecessary step for those who prefer the desktop. The goal must have been to encourage people to acclimatize to Windows 8 style immediately. Third party workarounds will no doubt appear soon to bypass this step.


Windows 8 does certainly require a brief adjustment period before users become familiar and comfortable with the new bimodal operating system.


I’m particularly excited about the prospects for Windows 8 on a tablet. The tablet interface is elegant, responsive, and stacks up nicely with other tablets on the market. And with its capability to optionally switch to desktop view right on the tablet, Windows 8 extends to mobile users the flexibility to run traditional applications and become more efficient and productive while on the go.

Touch seems a natural progression in the evolution of operating systems, and I’m confident that Windows 8 offers the best of legacy Windows features with an eye toward a very promising future.

He seems to have a lot of feedback that tech users have.

  • The interface is interesting but seems like it’s made for tablets as opposed to desktops.
  • Microsoft need to give users more options regarding booting into desktop.
  • Switching between interfaces is jarring.

Yes Paul.

We know.

You can read more of his Windows 8 analysis here.

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  1. OK I am sure that Microsoft has thought about it and thought that if we automatically Just put users into the Desktop without a start button a lot of people would be very confused(Yes there can just be a tutorial) but I think it is Smart to just introduce the user to the new Start Menu instead of it being a pissed off surprise.

  2. Switching between ‘starttop’ and desktop (both direction) is easiest with the Windows key.

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