Microsoft just revealed that the cost of Windows 8 Pro upgrade from XP, Vista and Widows 7  will be $39.99.

This is in a post on the Windows Team Blog.

Microsoft confirmed that  if your PC is running Windows XP, Windows Vista, or Windows 7 you will qualify to download an upgrade to Windows 8 Pro for just $39.99 in 131 markets.

Media Center can be added “for free” through the “add features” option within Windows 8 Pro after the upgrade, according to Microsoft.

These prices are applicable only if you use Windows Upgrade Assistant. If you prefer to shop at a local store, a packaged DVD version of the upgrade to Windows 8 Pro will be available for $69.99 during this promotion.

If you installed Windows 8 Pro online ,you also have the option of purchasing a backup DVD for $15 plus shipping and handling.

Windows 8 Upgrade Assistant

With Windows 8, Microsoft has introduced new and improved Windows Upgrade Assistant which makes upgrading to Windows 8, lot smoother and easier.

“We believe that your upgrade experience in Windows 8 will be a breeze by offering a faster experience, a single upgrade path, and compatibility from prior versions of Windows. We’ve continued to listen to our customers and have expanded the ability to download to over 100 countries and 37 languages. We have simplified the Windows upgrade experience with the Windows 8 Upgrade Assistant which supports you during your upgrade with everything from selecting your language to pausing your download to built-in compatibility checks – it’s seamless. And if you’re an enthusiast you will have the flexibility to download and control how you upgrade.” Microsoft said.

This upgrade promotion for Windows 8 Pro both online and at retail runs through January 31st, 2013.

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  • RealDeal69

    I can upgrade to the new MacOS for cheaper than that! and its alot more stable too!!

    • Ezekiel Carsella

      fanboy. and remember how much more expensive that MAC was.

      • RealDeal69

        No more expensive than a PC with similar specs!

        • Ezekiel Carsella

          so you agree Windows can make equal hardware? I like the look of the Macbook or MBA but it is so plain and boring but I works. 

    • John E Reese

       This is true, but you are chain to Apple hardware which cost 3x the price of same spec PC.  With Windows I can install on any Intel or AMD cpu system including your Mac machine.  But if I try to install Apple OS on non-Mac isn’t legal.  I am PC IT tech. with 30+ years in the field and this includes working on Mac systems.

  • ECM2

    What about us (MS fanboys) who installed Win8DP, then Win8CP, and now Win8RP? Any cheap and easy way to upgrade to Win8?

    • Yada Yada Yada

      What does buying an OS have to do with trying the free betas?  

      If you have previously purchased Windows, then you can get the upgrade cheap.  You don’t get the OS cheaper because Microsoft gave you something free to try.

  • Woakley5

    If you use the release preview, can you upgrade to the commercial version when it comes out?

  • in Question

    upgrade only poses one question to me… if you upgrade via Assistant, does that KILL your RETAIL KEY for Windows 7… or your OEM Key if you want to drop Win 8…and go back

  • in Question

    Yes, it includes 8400, it said all Beta Test editions… could upgrade.