In news that would surprise almost no one, Microsoft has admitted that while people and businesses have starting upgrading from the ancient Windows XP, their number one choice is Windows 7.

Overwhelmingly, that is, at that.

And even though the company did expect a significant number moving to the brand new Windows 8, this current scenario is not entirely out of the ordinary for Redmond. And the reason for this is simple enough — the sheer and utter lack of touch enabled devices.

This was the main factor that had a major say in the slow initial uptake of Windows 8, and it is also at play here. A Microsoft official, in an interview with Business Korea said:

“The number of Windows 7 users increased because users upgraded their OS just in time around the XP support termination announcement. Compared to other versions, Windows 8 especially depends on the hardware. There are not a lot of devices which can utilize the Windows 8 touch feature, which is why the market share is relatively low.”

Well, you have to cut Microsoft some slack here — even though many new Windows 8.1 touch enabled devices are expected to hit store shelves later this year, not every business can afford to delay their migration, not when mere six months remain until Windows XP retirement.

Nevertheless, the company would be keen to avoid another XP situation with Windows 7, surely.

As of right now, according to unofficial statistics, more than 30 percent of users are still running Windows XP, compared to say figures of around 5 percent for Windows Vista. And for what it’s worth, a significant portion of the Windows XP user base is made up of business, enterprise and industrial users.

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  • Ray C

    Most of the people on XP are Enterprise. That’s Microsoft’s biggest customer. Most of them are in the middle of a Windows 7 transition, that can’t be changed just because Windows 8 is out. Touch has a part of it, but not everyone thinks you have to have touch to use Windows 8. Plus, a lot of them might already have some Windows 7 mixed into their inventory. It makes more sense to bring everything to the same system as opposed to adding another new system.

  • WillyThePooh

    Not surprise. Those who still use XP are the most conservative and won’t try anything new. To have them upgrade to win8.0 is unbelievable to me.

  • Robert Delapoza

    my XP computer doesn’t have to CPU power to run windows 8. I think XP computers past 2005? can upgrade. That said, my win 7 PC upgraded easily to win 8 and I love it! So much better than win 7 imo. As for my old 2001 XP PC, I wish I could upgrade. Sad, that an atm processor can run win8 but my Pentium4 cannot. 🙁