Microsoft Continues Expanding Surface RT Retail Presence, Tablet Arrives in France

Recently Microsoft has started to push its Surface tablet out to many new places. This includes several new retail locations in the United States and abroad. Now it seems that France is getting the Surface RT in a retailer as well.

If you live in France and want to try the Surface out in person, head to FNAC. The device is available for 589 Euros. For those that don’t know, FNAC is basically a Best Buy-esque store located in France.

Besides France, we’ve seen the Surface RT arrive in the UK, Australia and pretty much every major (and even several minor) markets across the globe.

What we currently don’t know is how much of a difference this will all make. The Surface RT has had at least reasonably decent sales considering its limited retail presence, but Microsoft had hoped that expanding right now would give them a piece of the last minute shopping pie.

That said, the Surface RT isn’t keep– and probably isn’t the best last-minute impulse buy. Do you currently have a way to try out the Surface in person, or has it yet to make it to a nearby retail location? If you have tried it now, what do you think?

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  • Ron Baker

    Love it, have had mine since the release and enjoy it. There was some small learning curves but after that its an amazing fast machine.

    The surface is sexy to the touch and the surface keyboard is awesome. Love the fact that it has a mouse on it.