It you are an underdog, it pays to go after the top dog. If you can, that is. And judging by how things have shaped up for Microsoft, it sure can do so. The company continues its onslaught against the iPad, this time in a new advertisement.

Redmond has released a series of commercials that have done a pretty neat job of highlighting how Apple’s iPad falls behind its Windows 8 counterparts — in several key areas.

The company’s latest commercial highlights how the Surface RT is a better device than Apple’s tablet, and focuses on the slate’s kickstand, USB port and Touch Covers. The ad points out that the iPad does not have any of these features and falls short in competing with the Surface.

Before we get any further, watch the video below:

Microsoft is obviously not shy to take the fight to the bestselling tablet on the market. There are a myriad of Android devices available on store shelves currently, with more incoming, but Apple’s tablet remains the sales leader.

For Microsoft, however, this presents a perfect opportunity to emphasize that Windows 8 devices not only have more features but also cost less than the iPad.

And not just Surface devices in particular, mind you. A number of hardware vendors are said to be developing Windows powered tablets, hybrids and convertible units that are set to make their way to the market soon after Windows 8.1 hits general availability.

And with Microsoft beginning a new fiscal year this month, this is as good a time as any to turn its tablet fortunes around while grabbing a notable market share.

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