Take this with a generous helping of salt. The grapevine seems to suggest that Microsoft is deep in thought contemplating abandoning Windows RT (and products) in favor of Windows Blue.

Windows RT, the version of Windows 8 developed for tablets powered by ARM processors, has caused a bit of a trouble for Microsoft for the sole reason that many users believed it may be able to run legacy Windows desktop applications just like the traditional Windows operating systems.

This confusion is the reason why Microsoft has decided to stop releasing any more Windows RT products and instead divert its attention to the Blue project.

Again, all rumors, but DigiTimes seems pretty confident citing its sources from the upstream supply chain, who say that Redmond is just about to pull the plug off the Windows RT line and go for a more streamlined and aggressive approach under the Blue umbrella.

Wonder where that would leave Surface RT owners and early adopters!

Microsoft is obviously mum on the subject and has not said anything about such plans, but don’t be surprised to see something along these lines, particularly if Windows RT (and by extension Surface RT) fails to generate an increased amount of interest in the new markets it is said to be released in soon.

Unofficial reports indicate that Microsoft has only moved 1.1 million Surface RT units — putting them well below Redmond’s internal forecasts of 3 million units in the first quarter of launch.

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  1. well I can tell U that if the leak of 9364 is any indication of what the future of windows is going to be I won’t be using it.

  2. Michael Bradley / April 2, 2013 at 1:40 pm /Reply

    It figures. Given today’s regulatory environment and the FTC rule that all consumer electronics are returnable within 30 days, and in fact Fry’s and Best Buy have a 30 day no questions asked return policy, consumers go out, buy a Surface RT, try to install Office or discover that if they can’t run X86 apps, no good, they return it. So Microsoft loses on the Surface RT product. RT was a big mistake, which is why they’re developing Blue. Also VIA etc., come out with X86 CPUs as power-efficient and powerful as ARM, so ARM will be ARM-in-ARMs with Android, Apples are Apples, and Wintel still exists……

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