Microsoft could find its money making machine come to a half (even if for just a few months) if reports are to be believed. The company could soon report a quarterly loss – it’s first in 20 years.

CBS News claims that Microsoft earned around $5.3 billion this last quarter, but also leaked tons of money as it invested very heavily in its Internet division.

During the same timeframe, the company lost somewhere around $6.2 billion as it struggled to compete in the online domain against Google.

The recent Windows 8 launch it seems will not help matters that much, as analysts believe the OS will only take off during the middle of 2013.

The desktop version of Windows 8 is being described as a confusing working environment for business, and a lot of users are missing the Start Menu quite a bit more than Microsoft anticipated.

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  • Sam

    Good for Microsoft if this is their first quarterly loss in 20 years! With so many companies dealing with multiple quarterly losses on a regular basis that’s quite a feat for such a large entity to only now be suffering their first loss. A good chunk of that loss was due to trying to grow their company – which isn’t necessarily a bad thing either. I’ve got my fingers crossed in hopes that they get the start button snafu fixed so that your every day user will hop on board with Windows 8.