Microsoft creating Windows 8 News Service – Apex

Apparently Microsoft is creating a news service for Windows 8.

This it seems is going to be an attempt to bypass traditional media outlets and control the news about the forthcoming OS.

In Australia, journalists are being hired to create content for the feature application which has the working totle of Apex.

These journalists will will present headlines, news and other content to people as soon as they switch on their Windows 8 device.

Apex will be the first media channel users see, with a pre-installed application that embeds content notifications into the Windows 8 device’s display beating third-party apps and mobile sites to the punch

The service will be headed up in Australia by former Mi9 network director Andrew Hunter and “a decent-sized team”, including several senior journalists, is being assembled, The Australian reports.

This will be interesting to keep a close eye on. Microsoft is pulling out all the stops to make sure that Windows 8 messaging stays timely and consistent.


  • Bolo

    MS, really going all out this time!!

  • Rodney Longoria

    I hoped Microsoft researched the name Apex first. That’s all they need is to be called out on THAT in the near future, post-release! But I think bully for them and their effort for doing this.