Brace for some serious criticism. Releasing patches and security updates is never an easy ordeal, not when your platform powers some 90% of the computers worldwide.

Computers, not mobile devices ā€” meaning there is an array of different hardware combinations.

Well, the story goes like this. Microsoft rolled out a number of botched updates last week, as part of the Update Tuesday release cycle, and plenty of users experienced issues after installing them. The most prominent of them being the infamous Blue Screen of Death. BSOD for short.

Redmond confirmed the issue very recently, while taking down the affected updates.

But the affected users are not keen on staying quiet. This thread on the official company support forms has users complaining about this August Update, and has reached 45 pages already.

As one users put it bluntly:

ā€œI feel quite strongly that, despite all the legal jargon in the EULA, there is a liability issue here. If Ford, GM or Toyota released a fix for their vehicles that caused them to crash, they would be bankrupt in a heartbeat. It is unacceptable not to roll out these updates without comprehensive testing in the field. If a hospital’s server farm has automatic updates set up, it could crash the entire system and put lives in danger.

This isn’t 1984 when coders didn’t have comprehensive testing farms. I would very much like to hear a Microsoft representative respond to my concerns – and explain why it is acceptable to put out code that locks so many machines up.ā€

Solid complains, and though some users have already taken care of the issue via the System Restore option, the problems become rather painful for those that cannot, for some reason.

And since Windows powers so many companies, issues like this are bad for business too.

Microsoft is already working on a fix for this, and has promised more information in the coming days. But more stringent quality control measures would be equally welcome.

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  • WillyThePooh

    There are just too many different configurations of computers in the market. DIY or not. The only solution to this endless problem may follow Apple’s way. Only one vendor and can’t buy retail OS. However, that probably won’t happen too.

  • 1stkorean

    Microsoft would be criticized if it opened a door with its right hand instead of its left. I doubt many listed to the criticizes much.