Microsoft Debuts New Security Features For User Accounts

If a hack does not do the trick, then a crack just may. Cybercriminals are getting stronger and more resourceful by the day, and multiple layers of security are now no longer a luxury — they are an absolute necessity for a company as large as Microsoft.

As reported earlier, Redmond has just announced the debut of a number of new security enhancements for user accounts, in a bid to make it harder for cybercriminals to get access to private details.

All user accounts, starting today, come with a new option that displays recent activity. This comes in handy in order to determine if someone else accessed a user’s personal information. Users who discover suspicious activity in their account can report directly to Microsoft with the help of a new button.

The company talked about this in a detailed new blog post, saying:

“You know best what’s been happening with your account – so the more we give you tools to understand what’s happening, the better we can work together to protect your account. For example, a login from a new country might look suspicious to us, but you might know that you were simply on vacation or on a business trip.”

And in case a user forgets the login credentials, Microsoft has also introduced recovery codes to help them regain access to their accounts. The security notifications system has also been revamped to allow users to choose where to get the alerts — email or phone.

These improvements are being rolled out to users across the world, as of this writing.

  • Ray C

    Will this make it easier to find out what username was logged in when software was installed or removed?

    • Fahad Ali

      Probably not, but maybe that is for a future update? A detailed log of the previous say 10 activities.