Microsoft And Dell Partner Up To Hold Event On Windows XP Retirement

Microsoft And Dell Partner Up To Hold Event On Windows XP Retirement

We are in this final stretch, the end phase before the official retirement of Windows XP, and Microsoft along with its hardware and software partners is intensifying its efforts to convince the user base to move away from the 12-year-old operating system.

If anything, with the April 8, 2014 deadline mere months away, the stakeholders are aware that the time to strike is now and at this very moment — leaving it too late would only mean inviting trouble.

For this reason, several hardware vendors have started talking and warning about the end of support. They are also doing some active efforts like holding events and getting the word out via multiple avenues. Dell is the latest to join forces with Microsoft for this.

Microsoft’s senior director for Windows Commercial, Erwin Visser, revealed the details of this event, saying that he would be taking part in Dell’s Windows 7//8.1 Virtual Event Day to discuss why organizations and businesses need to abandon Windows XP and move to a newer version:

“This all-day Virtual Event is designed for business decision makers and CIOs and will focus on discussing how to speed up the migration process, drive down costs and ease the deployment of a modern operating system.

In addition to the keynote, there will also be experts from Dell and Microsoft hosting live chats and webcasts throughout the day and an opportunity to hear from Dell about the migration and management tools that Dell Software has developed to help you migrate.”

As noted above, Dell will also be showcasing some of its custom technologies that it plans to use to help users in migrating to new software.

Several businesses that are still running the ancient OS are, it seems, experiencing problems in deployment of a new version of Windows. The most prominent issue here is software compatibility, particularly for custom programs, which is often cited as the major hurdle in upgrading.