It is no secret that Microsoft’s Windows 8 will have its greatest advantage in the enterprise. From healthcare to manufacturing, accounting to database management, Microsoft provides many of the applications at the server and desktop that keep enterprises running.

To illustrate the potential for Windows 8 in the enterprise, Microsoft created a prototype application designed to help doctors and nurses manage their workflows and enable smooth patient care transitions.

The app is called Rounds and lets doctors and nurses keep track of patients from check-in to discharge. It runs on touch-screen Windows 8 tablets such as Microsoft Surface and allows doctors to interact with nurses and specialists.

Using the unified communications capabilities of Lync, doctors can exchange messages with other care providers. Office and Sharepoint are also integrated in the application, allowing all transactions to be stored and later referenced.

Diagnostic diagrams can be used to explain procedures to the patient and the tablet can be used to collect patient signatures for consent using a stylus.

With Rounds, doctors no longer have to carry both a notebook and a tablet with the new OS, according to Microsoft. Microsoft states that Rounds “could improve the efficiency of care, reduce errors, speed up medication orders and allow for smoother hand-offs of patients from one treatment phase to another“.

Check out the demo video. Are these the kinds of compelling case studies Microsoft must describe to move Windows 8 into the enterprise?

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