Windows Phone 8.1 is shaping up to be a real gem when it comes to mobile operating systems, and fans that have been waiting for its release are in for quite a treat this summer.

Microsoft unveiled this version at BUILD 2014 earlier this month, where Windows Phone 8.1 pretty much stole the show. Developers that own a valid Studio App account will actually be able to grab the Developer Preview of the mobile OS that is expected to be made available next week.

One can imagine, almost all features of the mobile OS will be out in the open come April 14, or 15.

And that is because, even though Redmond highlighted many of the features (and applications) of Windows Phone 8.1, several of them were either not discussed, or just briefly touched upon.

For instance, the way content is shared on Windows Phone 8.1, along with the file upload and download capabilities of the mobile operating system flew under the radar. And as this report reveals, the mobile OS comes with some pretty robust tools in this regard.



Microsoft demonstrated these capabilities a little, and showed just how intuitive the file picker on Windows Phone 8.1 is. Users can easily grab files from the cloud too.

It now appears that they can effortlessly save files to the cloud as well.

And along with that, Windows Phone 8.1 will also allow users the ability to share content with their friends and family members — in multiple formats and without any limitations on the type of content.

Better yet, both content share and the file picker tool are really optimized and fully compatible with all affordable devices, meaning no matter the handset, users will be able to share everything from text to links, images, HTML pages, Office files, all files, really.

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  • Wayne S

    Seems like it’s going to be pretty detailed and complete overall. I have high hopes for the phone and I hope they are met. This news makes me think it will be.

  • Bill Franklin

    Being able to share that much stuff will definitely be a godsend for a lot of us. I really look forward to this phone’s release!

  • Ray C

    Good look for WP

    • Jason Claven

      Right on, Ray. This is the kind of thing Windows Phone needs to add to get the buzz and respect going that it deserves.

  • Ted Smith

    With these capabilities, Windows Phone could take the lead as far as business phones in the market. Smart.

  • Sally Black

    I love it! I am ecstatic for the release of 8.1! This will vault windows phone’s stock way up. 🙂