Microsoft Details Some Of The New Creativity Apps In Windows 8.1

With its new operating system just around the corner, Microsoft is taking time to discuss many of the improvements in Windows 8.1, including the refreshed and revamped apps.

The company claims that it has taken care to design all Metro programs so that they can be used as easily on desktops as on tablets. Redmond took the example of photo editing and talked about how Windows 8.1 provides users with everything they need to successfully complete the process.

As this blog post states:

“Every step from capturing to sharing is a delightful, fast, and easy experience – and you have all the great editing capabilities of the photo app built right into the camera app.”

Fresh Paint and Movie Moments are two high profiles apps in the spotlight, and both are available as a free download from the Windows Store. Microsoft continued:

“Real life moments can be unpredictable, so when taking videos we often take a bunch of extra footage. Sometimes these videos sit dormant on our devices – when just a few edits would make the video instantly shareable!

Movie Moments is a simple app that helps tell the story of the interesting moment in your video. Within moments, trim the video, add short captions, and put in some music and now you’ll have a short clip that you’ll want to share!”

Now these are simple enough tasks, but they are aptly and appropriately streamlined in Windows 8.1 for casual users. Professionals and experienced users already have several options in this regard on the new operating system, but Microsoft seems to really have nailed these basics for the average user.

And the company would be hoping its new platform becomes a bona fide hit with this particular user segment, right after it launches this coming Friday.