DirectX 12

Microsoft Details New DirectX 12 Features

DirectX 12 launched with Windows 10 in 2015, and is steadily becoming a way for developers to get better performance out of the GPU in the latest titles optimized for this collection of APIs.

Microsoft added a bunch of new features to this version of DirectX with the Fall Creators Update, that are designed to make it easier for game developers to track down programming bugs and eliminating them.

The recently released version of the operating system also brought with it fixes for several DirectX 12 bugs, developers at Redmond have also begun updating the PIX graphics debugging software on a monthly basis.

These new features, however, are the highlight.

As Jacques van Rhyn of Microsoft explained on the DirectX Developers Blog, these two new options have been introduced to allow developers to nail down the commands that may be causing a program to crash the graphics processing unit.

Both the two tools are designed to be used in conjunction with each other, more so when it comes to determine the “device removed” or “device lost” errors.

The first involves improved data debugging, while the second one is improved command debugging.

Van Rhyn finishes it up by saying that these tools are valuable for developers because they allow them to spend more time on building high-performance, reliable games instead of continuously searching for the root causes of a particular bug.

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