The thing with operating system, Windows operating systems in particular, is that end users usually mark their arrival on newer platforms one way or another.

But enterprises and business users usually wait out till a platform is mature and stable before making the jump. To ease and expedite the process, Microsoft has afforded some special focus to the enterprise side of things in Windows 8.1.

The Mail app is one among the many areas that were refreshed in this new operating system. In fact, the company has given the application a complete makeover in Windows 8.1 — complete with a revamped interface and a bucketful of new features.

And many of these new options are aimed at enterprises, specifically and purposefully.

Redmond has gone over some of these improvements in a new blog post, saying that enterprises can now safely replace their email clients with this new one available exclusively in Windows 8.1. The post is straight, to the point, and without any stuff and fluff.

First up is the fact that, the Mail app now comes with the ability to connect to an Exchange mailbox without the need for setting up a Microsoft account — a new group policy setting made this possible.

And secondly, the Modern UI app now also supports certificate-based authentication and authenticated proxy servers. In simpler terms, this means that it is finally possible to use this app within a company network without a hassle.

The Mail app is preinstalled on pretty much all versions of Windows 8.1, and is optimized for both tablet and mobile devices as well as desktops.

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