Had battery technologies improved as much as say computer graphics card or hard disk storage space, we’d probably be using mobile devices with a year of usage on a single charge.

As things are, most would settle for a week.

And this seems to be exactly what Microsoft’s Research unit is working on right now — a brand new technology that could result in a new type of batteries that would allow smartphones and tablets to run for one full week, with maximum performance.

A Microsoft researcher talked about this during MIT Technology Review’s Digital Summit in San Francisco, saying that the company has found a way to boost battery life to approximately one week.

“You can’t just wait for the best battery technology to come along. We can make a lot of progress because systems today don’t use battery intelligently.”

The concept is actually based on the very simple idea of optimizing the way devices and applications use the available battery. Enhancements in this usage could allow these smartphones and tablets to run for a longer time without any slowdowns in performance.

One way to do this is by using two smaller lithium-ion batteries as opposed to a single larger one.

Microsoft Research is also working on a dedicated software solution for app developers that can be used to determine the amount of power used by their programs, and optimize accordingly.

More power to them, I say!

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