Microsoft display new unified branding on BUILD 2012 website

Microsoft display new unified branding on BUILD 2012 website

On the BUILD 2012 website, Microsoft have just displayed a group of logos together that gives us a taste of the new Microsoft unified branding (my term).

Most notable is Windows Phone 8 which has a similar logo to Windows 8.

windows phone 8 logo
windows phone 8 logo

I have to say that looking at these logos together does (to me) indicate that Microsoft is putting together a really strong collective brand for the future.

It really puts into perspective all the hard work that the Microsofties have been doing over the past few years and is an indication that in the coming years, they mean business.

Looking forward to heading to BUILD 2012.

What do you think? Strong branding?


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  • Jared Holcomb

    It shows me that Microsoft is completely comitted to the success of this “Metro” style environment.  As developers feel comfortable that MS will not be ditching this trend for the next big thing, they will feel more at ease about devoting precious time to the development and continued support of “Metro” apps for the platform.