Microsoft draws a line in the sand regarding Windows 8 app success

Microsoft seem to have drawn the proverbial line in the sand regarding Windows 8 apps and the success of the Operating System.

In an interview with Beet.TV,  Keith Lorizio, VP, U.S. Sales & Marketing, makes some pretty startling and impressive claims.

He says that Microsoft has targeted 100,000 applications to be live on Windows 8 within 90 days of the launch.

In addition, he says that the company expects some 400 million units of Windows 8 to be active by July, 2013.

I’m a little shocked that an exec would make such claims this early but hey – at least it’s on message.

You can see the video below…

  • NazmusLabs

    It will be very interesting to see if this works indeed. I am very shocked myself as well, as much as I am a fan of Windows 8, I didn’t expect this.