Redmond has just updated its lineup of Bing apps on Windows Phone, and in the process made some sweeping changes to the naming scheme and even the version numbers of these mobile applications.

Two strokes, one brush, and something like that? Yeah.

By far the biggest change is that the apps are now no longer known as Bing Apps — meaning Bing News is now just News, Bing Sports, just Sports, Bing Weather will now be called Weather, you get the drift. A sign of things to come, or just something that was due?

Along with removing the “Bing” name, all the applications now carry the version number

As this report notes, no other major modifications have been spotted in these applications, apart from these cosmetic changes. And there is no information (at least, not right now) why Microsoft decided to rename all of its mobile apps for Windows Phone.

Maybe the looming arrival of Windows Phone 8.1 has something to do with it? Probably.

It does raise an interesting scenario, though. The apps might just be a tad more difficult to find for users following this update. Prior to this they were all grouped together and could easily be located.

In any case Bing News, Bing Sports, Bing Finance, Bing Food & Drink, Bing Health & Fitness, Bing Travel and Bing Weather now have new names on Windows Phone. More changes could well be incoming in the following weeks.

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  • Ted Smith

    I know Microsoft probably hates to hear this, but it’s the right decision. Bing doesn’t have the positive brand recognition they desire. Leave Bing by itself and if it catches on, then you can do things like Bing sports.

  • Jake

    Are the new names simply, “sports, news, finance, food & drink, etc?” Or is there a new name in front of it?

  • Sally Black

    Smart move. Stop over marketing bing. In reality, it’s a waste of time and resources.

  • Emily W

    What kind of influence would 8.1 dropping have on them changing the name? Maybe I’m missing something obvious, but I don’t see the correlation.

  • Robert Kegel

    Maybe I could be right and they’re going to change Bing’s name all together to Cortana? Cortana is powered by Bing so why not just change the name all together?

    Then again it wouldn’t be the same to say Cortana it, or Cortana Sports, news..etc.

  • Brad

    This is most likely part of the continued prep work for Cortana. ‘Cortana, open weather.’

  • Ray C

    Never really did get the point of calling everything Bing or X-Box. They do need to continue to draw attention to Bing, but I’m not sure naming all these apps Bing was the way, at least not on Microsoft platform. Maybe if they were on other platforms, it would make some sense.

  • WillyThePooh

    Less wording is always welcomed.