Took a time to get here, this feature, but Microsoft has finally made available the fullscreen mode for the Edge web browser. This comes alongside the launch of the Fall Creators Update.

The latest version of the operating system that Redmond is currently rolling out.

Although it was possible to take the browser fullscreen, by using the fullscreen shortcut for UWP apps, as in Winkey + Shift + Enter, this is a proper implementation in the web browser. Which should come in real handy for users of the Windows 10 web browser that used it to consume online media.

To be honest, this has been a rather bizarre emission from Edge, seeing as its predecessor Internet Explorer had it in Windows 8 — that short lived modern IE app.

And to make matters even more curious, this implementation still lacks all the functionality of that application, as Microsoft still does not provide a way to pull up the address bar of the web browser to change websites while this mode is activated.

You’ll need to exit the fullscreen mode every time you want to search or enter a new website address.

Not good.

But the option is here now, and can simply be accessed by pressing the F11, or by expanding the menu in the right side of the browser window.

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