When it comes to bosses, it’s best to know who you are working for and quick. Apparently this is what a majority of Microsoft’s workforce is thinking right now, as word is they want a new CEO named soon.

Soon in this case being before the end of the year — in line with previous reports on the matter.

Outgoing CEO Steve Ballmer announced his plans to retire from the company back in August, and since then an internal committee has been tasked to find a new person to take over the hot seat. Bill Gates, part of this special committee, recently revealed that some solid progress had been made.

But AllThingsD had a chance to talk with dozen of Microsoft team members, and the general consensus is that most of them want a resolution of the matter as soon as possible.

The report quotes one unnamed executive as saying:

“Everyone is just waiting for the decision. Even though we are supposed to be carrying out the new One Microsoft plan that Ballmer created, it’s pretty much a wait-and-see for everyone.”

Wait-and-see are rarely a good thing to have, particularly in as competitive a field as technology.

The report further states that Ballmer is still meeting with Microsoft team members as if he is going to be with the company a while longer. Nothing wrong with that — he probably could be here until next summer if a CEO search does takes a while to reach a logical conclusion.

Interestingly, Ballmer is said to have discussed Windows 8 and Microsoft jumping into the creation of gaming PCs. A Surface gaming device is not the worst idea in the world, if done right.

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