User privacy, some say, is a relative factor. Still, the more efforts that are made to ensure user privacy the better. And Microsoft have been at the forefront of this drive, announcing one series of improvements after another.

These newest enhancements are reserved for OneDrive and — two of the most popular cloud based services offered by Redmond.

Starting today, accounts are protected by TLS (Transport Layer Security) for both incoming and outgoing emails, ensuring that all emails are automatically encrypted as they travel between servers. Microsoft worked with a number of international email providers to determine encryption.

Matt Thomlinson, vice president, Trustworthy Computing Security, Microsoft, explained this as:

“Over the past six months, we have been working across the industry to further protect and help ensure your mail remains protected. This is a significant engineering effort given the large number of services Microsoft offers and the hundreds of millions of customers we serve around the world.” also gets another added layer of protection, the PFS (Perfect Forward Secrecy) that comes into play when sending and receiving email messages from a Microsoft account.

This technology also benefits OneDrive, meaning that users that store files in the cloud get this increased protection when logging in from the both the web interface and the various mobile apps.

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  1. As a user of both, I’m relieved that Microsoft is enhancing the security on them. I didn’t feel totally insecure using them, but they could certainly use a boost.

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