Microsoft executives step in AT LAST and overrule the Windows Project team

Microsoft executives step in AT LAST and overrule the Windows Project team

Very interesting behind the scenes analysis from Paul Thurrott at

Apparently, despite all the objections on the web and incredibly negative feedback from users, the Windows Team still wanted to deny users the Start Menu and the boot to desktop options.

Apparently, Microsoft’s senior management came to their sense and vetoed those sentiments. It seems more and more certain that the Start Menu is coming back and the Boot to Desktop option as well.

I’ll post more on this but it does seem like really great news that Microsoft is finally listening to the complaints of users.

What about you guys and girls?

I’ve consistently said that those two are the biggest achilles heels that Windows 8 was born with and fixing that problem should alleviate a lot of issues.

Do you want the Start Button and Boot to Desktop option back?

Use the comments below and let us know. (I’m always usually surprised by the ratios).

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  • cwoxford

    About time too! Customers will only use companies that show respect for their users views. MS is not so big that it can continue to ignore and ride roughshod over it’s PAYING customers. I want to see both of these back, it would make life easier for keyboard/mouse users.

  • Ross Nixon

    Yes! But make it a user option. I use ClassicShell myself, but my son loves having no Start button.

  • Sailor Williams

    I’ve found the new interface to be great! The learning curve was steep at first, but I persevered and have found the Windows 8 system to work just fine. I’ve also found people to be reluctant to learn anything new. The younger generation will probably adopt this just fine.

  • Denis Blazevic

    I would say NO, or at least give a option to disable the start button. I was never a fan of the old start button.

  • Willie Slate

    i like the system the way it is now. ive been using windows since windows 98 and I have to say that the way Microsoft went over the years are all improvements. its understandable why they went in the direction they did when the created windows 8 because everything is heading in the direction of touch screen devices so in about 10 or 20 years keyboards and mouses or any such controller will be a thing of the past. ill admit being that im 28 years old it was a bit to learn with this new setup but I have to say that I like it a lot better because it makes using the computer a lot more efficient especially when I want to find something quick. and Ive alos noticed that the computers tend to perform better with this new setup