Microsoft Expects Windows Users To Spend $100 Million On Apps This Holiday Season

With sustained growth of Windows 8.1 and Windows Phone 8, the Windows ecosystem is fast becoming a formidable force. Both platforms are ever expanding, and Microsoft now expects big things.

The growth of Windows Store (and Windows Phone Store) has been high on Redmond’s agenda.

And now the company estimates that users of these two platforms will spend no less than $100 on apps this upcoming holiday season — a substantial figure, but hardly a surprise considering the large number of users that are choosing Microsoft’s modern platforms.

Part of the optimism is because of the gift cards that the technology titan introduced at the launch of its newest operating system, Windows 8.1. These allow easy purchasing of premium apps and games, not only on desktop, but tablets and smartphones too.

Microsoft had this to say on the matter:

“As a result of consumer gift card purchases and promotional programs for Windows Phone 8 and Windows 8.1 devices, we expect consumers to have over $100 million dollars (USD) available in their Microsoft accounts to spend on app and in-app purchases this holiday season.”

With the groundwork now laid, Microsoft is now gradually bringing its app repository into the spotlight.

The company recently started showing notifications to Windows 8.1 users, reminding them to add payment options and credit card details to their account in order to purchase apps easily. And with tens of millions of users, there is every reason to aim big here.

  • Ray C

    They can do it as long as new quality apps continue to be added and current ones are improved.