Full page newspaper ads, of course. Papers in the United States, this week, are filled with Microsoft advertisements advocating for much enhanced email privacy.

Redmond’s fight against the US government for requests to provide access to user data that is stored overseas, continue on then. These advertisements explain that the government wants the company to share this information even when it is located in datacenters that are outside the US.

But Microsoft’s stand for privacy does not end here.

The company has just launched a brand new site to support this cause. This new website points to statistics that confirm the fact that American voters agree with this stand on privacy.

As stated:

“We believe your email belongs to you, not us, no matter where it is stored. The government, however, contends that your email no longer belongs just to you when it’s stored in the cloud, but also becomes a ‘business record’ of the email provider you use. Why is that a problem? Because unlike email and other personal communications, business records have a lower level of legal protection.”

Microsoft have been very open these past few years regarding data security and user privacy.

It was only a couple of months back that the software titan revealed that it had received a request from the US government asking for user information. The only problem? The datacenter was in Ireland.

Obviously, the company refused to comply with the request and appealed the court order claiming that a US search warrant is only valid within the boundaries of the country. Not to mention that such a case could lead to similar requests in other countries.

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