There are some who claim that adding the RT moniker to the original Surface was not a good idea. Saner voices even go as far as to say that Windows RT should not have been called that in the first place.

With WinRT (stands for Windows Runtime) already being a vital component of the Windows operating platform, there surely is no space for a name like Windows RT — more so for something as currently volatile as Windows on ARM.

But Microsoft seems to have learned the lesson, and is determined to fight the confusion.

The second generation Surface units are up for grabs now, and Redmond has more time to focus on the original model as it is still available for purchase, albeit at reduced prices. And the company has now decided to drop the RT moniker for the original Windows RT powered slate.

Redmond has just given its Surface website a sleek new design, and the family photo now shows that the RT branding is now no longer being used for the first model.

If anything, Microsoft Surface Product Manager, Jack Cowett recently admitted that the company decided to drop the RT moniker for the second generation Surface units to address the confusion over the company’s tablets last year.

But this is the way forward, almost everyone will agree — and nice of Microsoft to acknowledge and make the necessary changes. Now all we need to find out is whether the product boxes of the original Surface still display Surface RT or not!

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  • Ray C

    I like the idea of dropping RT, but they’re not doing what they need to do to stop the confusion. What they need to do is advertise Surface 2 as just as tablet and stop marketing both devices as more than a tablet. Market Surface to as “tablet +” in a sense. Market it as a tablet that you can do do more with than some other tablets, but stop marketing both devices together like they’re virtually the same.