Considering just how big a company Microsoft is, some circles criticize it for not innovating enough. But it’s hard to truly innovate when you have so much catching up to do.

Regardless, Redmond has made several important leaps in these past couple of years.

And at the same time, the technology titan is readily looking to expand the touch capabilities of its modern operating platforms — Windows Phone and, more importantly Windows 8. Now a new report reveals that the company is developing a new way to search for content on Windows tablets.

The company has filed a new patent for a technology that allows users to search for content simply by drawing shapes on their Windows powered devices, phones and tablets.

Let’s just hope you don’t have to be a Picasso to put this to good use.

But as this patent that was published by USPTO over the weekend reveals, the advanced character recognition in this new technology analyzes the information entered by a user, and then automatically initiates a search process that displays both web links and images.

Interestingly, this technology is not limited to just character recognition — it can analyze shapes and drawings too. For example, if you draw to circles on your screen, Windows will automatically return images and bicycles and apples, based on your previous search history, obviously.

And although not openly mentioned in the patent filing, this technology is expected to make its way to Windows tablets in the coming months, in some shape or form.

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  • Sally Black

    This is a great idea by Windows! I believe this not only helps the user, but also aids in changing the perception that Windows is not innovative enough.

  • Ted Smith

    I think this is smart. My concern is that I have fat fingers and I’m not sure how well the technology will work for me. We will see soon enough.

    • Jason Claven

      I share your concerns, Ted. I do think that this Patent is smart nonetheless incase they can really perfect the technology and innovate.

    • Bill Franklin

      I also think there is a concern with how beneficial this will be. When I say that I mean, will the technology be worth the convenience or will people always prefer to just type stuff in?

      • Bobbie

        fat fingers or not, there will still be lots of fingerprints to clean off of the screen. LOL

  • Emily Williams

    I hope this is used to enhance searches rather than just being a novelty!

    • Fahad Ali

      Yeah, if properly optimized, with incremental updates, then it could quite possibly be something grand. The initial launch might well turn out to be a novelty, but this is something to keep an eye on.

      I know some that live by gestures in their browsers, so yeah.

  • Wayne Scott

    Interesting article. The Picasso line made me chuckle. Well done!

    • Fahad Ali

      Pleasure! Technology is serious business, but not that serious. Always room for a chuckle or two, I say.