Microsoft fire Windows 8 leaker employees

Microsoft fire Windows 8 leaker employees

Microsoft has allegedly fired two of their own employees due to their role in the recent Windows 8 leaks.

This news comes from Canouna of MDL Forums.

According to WinRumors, one of the employees were based in Russia, with the other being based in Microsoft’s Redmond headquarters.

These firing show the level of secrecy Microsoft is trying to attach to the various Windows 8 builds.

Apparently, different teams work on different parts of the Operating system and very few team members need to have access to the full build.

Those employees who do have a copy of the full build have special licensing/authentication mechanisms so Microsoft know who is working on what and who (if anyone) leaks what.

Here’s where it breaks down sometimes.

  1. Sometimes employees don’t give a rats ass and leak anyway
  2. Hardware partners get early builds and their employees may leak
  3. Software partners get early builds and their employees may leak

The process of bringing an Operating System to the market is an immensely complicated one with a plethora of moving parts that need to be coordinated.

Steven Sinofsky will have his hands full with this one…

Microsoft has not yet commented or verified any facts on this issue.

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    I like your articles, but your incorrect use of plural form is hard to read.

    “one of the employees were” by definition describes one.  It should be “one of the employees was” as in “one … was”.

    Sorry to be rude, as it is not my intent.  It is just hard to read your articles describing single as plural, such as a company (an entity) being used in the plural.  (correct: Microsoft is, incorrect: Microsoft are).

    Otherwise, great articles!