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If there is one thing Redmond is enamored with these days (besides hardware) is the future. Or should I say, future technologies, to be more specific. So much so that the company is bringing forward all kinds of predictions for what is coming next.

With it breaking into hardware recently, the company is investing heavily in new technologies, which it believes will make our lives easier.

Don Mattrick, the President of the Xbox Interactive Entertainment Business at Microsoft recently shared his vision that wearable technology is set for massive growth in the next decade.

He was talking to The Verge, where he made these sensory predictions:

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“My personal belief, 10 years from now, we’ll be wearing 10 sensors on our body collecting data and applying that data to things that are valuable to us as users.”

While Mattrick has not provided any concrete information on any possible projects Microsoft could be releasing in the years to follow, he did say that he was very excited about innovative technologies such as next-generation sensors, large screen and improved intelligence.

The company already has some new projects in the pipeline, including a wrist-worn heart rate monitor, Kinect Glasses and other technologies based on Kinect.

Microsoft is still tight-lipped on all these (and other future projects), but this much is clear that something truly innovative could be seeing the daylight in the Redmond campus soon.

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