Microsoft Garage Unit Launches Two New Windows Phone Games

Nova Bacon LostTurtle

The Microsoft Garage unit, Redmond’s internal division that allows employees to develop their own projects has been in the news these past few weeks. For all the good reasons.

People involved with this endeavor have both the resources and time to create some remarkably amazing products — such as this Tetra Lockscreen app for Windows Phone, as well as a couple of solutions for the Android platforms.

Namely Next Lock Screen and Journey & Notes.

Check out the details on their Google Play pages, both have been well received.

However, these guys are now back with two new games for the company’s own smartphone platform, Windows Phone. Both Nova Bacon and LostTurtle are available exclusively on Windows Phone, and both come with a freeware license.

As one might imagine, both titles are still in development.

But they do provide a rather addictive experience. And they are proof that Microsoft talent can create some delightful solutions internally on their own, as long as they get a little extra push.

Be interesting what Microsoft Garage cooks up next.

You can download both these new games on the Windows Phone Store by clicking (or tapping) on their respective links above. And be sure to leave a comment if you do.

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