Microsoft get more aggressive with their Windows Phone videos

Microsoft seem to be getting more aggressive in their advertising for the Windows Phone franchise.

The Windows Phone platform is currently struggling and the previous ads have been widely panned as being “lame”

Their new “Smoked by Windows Phone” campaign is designed to highlight the performance advantages of Windows Phone.

Here’s a sample ad.

What do you guys think about the Windows Phone platform as compared t Apple and Android?

  • Timiteh

    Well assuming that i dislike Apple with a passion, i will never ever consider buying any Apple products.
    Regarding Android, i am quite interested by Android phones though i will wait the Tegra 3 based one before getting one. In fact i will wait for the successor of the Galaxy Note, which would probably be quite a beast.
    For Windows Phone, it does a fast and fluid U.I and i find this O.S quite appealing. However, i also find the U.I a bit too flat and this O.S is a bit too closed and a bit too limited for my tastes. I had a Samsung Omnia 7 which has been damaged in a strange way. I will wait for WP8 before getting a new Windows Phone and before deciding if i should consider Windows Phone as my main mobile platform.