Microsoft give details on Windows 8 pricing

Apparently there is news on the Windows 8 pricing front. Tom Warren from the Verge seems to have gotten the scoop on this one.

After the 26th of October 2012, Retailers will stock a $69.99 Windows 8 Pro option in stores, one that may be offered as a traditional full version of Windows.

That promotional price of $69.99 expires on January 31st 2013 and Windows 8 Pro software will then be priced at $199. This according to an unnamed source.

Microsoft will offer a Windows 8 to Windows 8 Pro upgrade option at retail stores for $69.99 until January 31st when the price reverts to $99.99.


  • Timbo

    Spit it out….what will the price of a fully functioning version of Win 8 cost?
    We aren’t exactly waiting with baited breath….Win 7 is good enough and still supported…
    We are all a bit let down by Win 8 evaluation copy and I can’t really see why anyone would actually pay for it…very bizarre OS.


  • Abdel

    upgrade cost: £14.99. new copy for all £39.99. any other prices will not attract us. why pay £199 when windows 7 is supperior????? surely with £199 i can get google tablet to pay with