Microsoft gives out Windows 8 hardware to employees

Microsoft gives out Windows 8 hardware to employees

Microsoft will be accelerating it’s internal hardware refresh cycle and giving all their employees new Windows 8 desktops and laptops.

In addition, all 90,000 employees will be getting Microsoft Surface tablets and Windows Phone 8 units.

That makes perfect sense and I think it’s a smart play.

It does a bunch of things at once:

  • Tests their manufacturing abilities
  • Tests their distribution abilities
  • Does an advanced preview to a friendly audience
  • Builds goodwill with employees
  • Gets Windows 8 devices into the general public immediately.

90,000 is a lot of employees. They have friends and families who will get to try out a brand new Windows 8 device.

Just. In.Time. For. The. Holidays.

Smart play.

What do you think?

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  • 123321

    i think i’d like to work at microsoft…

  • Itachi

    yeah.. me too.. :3