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The battle for Windows RT supremacy is finally heating up. There are currently only two contenders for the throne, Microsoft with Surface 2 and the Nokia Lumia 2520.

Sure, there are also the remaining supplies of the original Surface (previously known as the Surface RT), but the real fight this holiday season is between the 10 inchers from Microsoft and Nokia. They will be sharing the spotlight with smaller and more affordable slates next year, though.

But in order to entice buyers, both companies are sure to push their Windows RT 8.1 solutions.

Microsoft, for its part, is giving away free Touch Covers to buyers — this special campaign launched earlier today is only available to people who purchase a 64GB Surface 2, and opt for the additional Touch Cover 2. Redmond will throw in a Touch Cover for free at no cost.

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As the store page reads:

“Limited time: get a free Touch Cover with purchase of a Surface and a Type Cover 2. Build your bundle and select your free Touch cover on the next screen.”

The newly launched Surface 2 is, obviously, available in two storage capacities, 32GB and 64GB. The first version is however not included in this promotion. No details on how long this campaign will last and how many (or all) tablets are in on the action.

But if you are looking for a Surface 2 bundle, there has never been better time than now.

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  1. 64GB is probably the one most people were looking at anyway. If I had
    the money, I might hop on it. This is exactly the type of promotion they
    need to be doing. Throw in or discount covers. Throw in or discount a
    Lumia 520. Get these products out there with deals.

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