Microsoft Glass Reportedly Features Automatic Text Scrolling

When it comes to wearables, Google Glass is sitting comfortably at the top of the mountain. Several other companies may have released smartwatches already, but they are waiting to see how these glasses perform on the market before jumping in.

And although Microsoft is yet to confirm such a project, there are signs that the software titan is indeed planning to take on Google Glass with its very own augmented reality glasses.

A new patent recently discovered reveals that Redmond’s solution could feature an automatic text scrolling option that enhances the reading experience when using the device.

The abstract section of the patent reveals that the automatic text scrolling could be used for reading, as a replacement for teleprompters and even karaoke — the possibilities of such a technology really are endless when you consider just how handy it could be for users.

Every time they read a digital document while wearing Microsoft Glass, text will be automatically scrolled as the user advances. When eyes are moved away from the text scrolling is quickly paused, and resumed when he or she is ready to start reading again.

Sounds magical, but this concept seems like it is nearing reality.

Specifics are yet to be provided about the release date of such a device, but chances are that we are at least a year or more away. This device seems to be in the earlier stages of development at the moment, unlike Microsoft’s smartwatch, which many people seem to have tested already.

  • Mary

    I get this move and it’s impressive technology, but I dont know. To me, the idea of smartglasses still seems so dumb and pointless to me that I can’t really get behind this. Maybe I’ll be pleasantly surprised, but I dont know.

  • Ray C

    I guess we will see how this goes