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At least somebody is taking action! Microsoft have initiated a legal action by filed a lawsuit against tech support scammers after tracking them down, and matters will now be settled in a court.

The issue has been brought up before, in the UK particularly, but it is no less severe in other parts of the globe. Attempts to scam people by offering fake support and installing malware on PCs are growing at an alarming rate, and Redmond finally decided to take action.

And the first entity that is being sued by the software titan is Omnitech Support.

As Microsoft detailed in this blog post, the above company allegedly called customers and offered them to fix issues with Microsoft software that were not actually affecting their computers. Not just that, they created new problems by installing malicious software on these PCs.

With the intention of gaining access to personal data, passwords and financial information.

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Redmond claims that it had received 65,000 customer complaints since May, with these fraudulent attempts to offer tech support using Microsoft brand and trademarks:

“Omnitech utilized the Microsoft trademarks and service marks to enhance their credentials and confuse customers about their affiliation with Microsoft. Omnitech then used their enhanced credibility to convince consumers that their personal computers are infected with malware in order to sell them unnecessary security services to clean their computers.”

As of right now there is no data on the number of users that fell victim to these scam attacks, but if the lawsuit is an indication, there probably is a large number of people that were tricked.

Microsoft, obviously, recommends users to refuse paying for support when someone contacts them directly, and avoid paying for any such services.

And disclosing personal information and credit card details on phone should be avoided all times.

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