Microsoft has begun to release copies of Windows 8 to oem partners

Microsoft has begun to release copies of Windows 8 to oem partners

Microsoft has begun to distribute early copies of Windows 8 to key OEM partners.

The software giant is distributing build 7971.0.110324-1900 via the company’s Connect external testing system. Key OEMs, including HP, are now able to access the Milestone 3 build from Connect.

The test version of Windows 8 is reportedly being offered through Microsoft Connect, a program for privileged beta testers. Unusually, each invitation to the beta comes with a one-time use code, which should help Microsoft prevent leaks.

Microsoft will probably show the first beta of the operating system at its Professional Developers’ Conference (PDC), which will take place in Seattle later this year.

If you have access to an early build and would like to help us out with an early screenshot, please send your (anonymous) email to Windowsscreenshots at nnigma dot com

Send as few or as many as you can. We would love to see them and we will not release your info at all..

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  • xinu

    Absolutely fabulous news. This means development is going well and Windows 8 is nearing completion. Im sure we will see a leak sooner or later, can wait to get my hands on windows 8 beta and play around with it. I hope we get to see some new screenshots soon!

  • Adrian

    You can see screenshots of the Windows 8 Installer at Windows 8 update

  • Rafael R.

    The new BUILD conference will be in Anaheim, CA.