Ah, the perils of complex operating systems. The Windows platform is advancing at an increasing pace. More features and enhanced options result in a marked increase in the underlying code.

And that ultimately means chances of things breaking up escalate manifold.

Like all other technology companies, Microsoft undoubtedly rigorously tests the patches and updates it delivers, but quite so often things do slip by under the radar. In fact, this year alone Redmond released a number of botched updates that have created issues for users that installed them.

Microsoft delivered eight different security bulletins earlier this week part of its Patch Tuesday cycle. And it appears that a number of them are actually causing a lot of issues on specific computers.

Earlier today users started reporting that two of the fixes included in this month’s update cycle are leading to a number of errors on specific computers. Microsoft pulled one of them straight away, and started investigating the reports for the second.

One is the Exchange 2013 security update MS13-061. The company shared the detail:

“Late last night we became aware of an issue with MS13-061 security update for Exchange Server 2013. Specifically, after the installation of the security update, the Content Index for mailbox databases shows as Failed and the Microsoft Exchange Search Host Controller service is renamed.”

But the story did not end here.

Four other fixes included in this month’s Patch Tuesday have started causing trouble to users of Active Directory Federation Services. More specifically, updates titled KB 2873872, KB 2843638, KB 2843639, and KB 2868846.

The latest from Redmond is that it is aware of all these problems and looking into reports as of this writing. It goes without saying, if you are yet to deploy these patches, then it is best to wait a while until the situation clears a bit.

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