Redmond has had its share of bad decisions, and its share of good ones. The trend continued with the company’s newest line of tablet, with certain aspects of the Surface slates leaving a bit to be desired.

Former Apple advertising expert, Ken Segall believes that Microsoft has totally failed to create a killer ad for its tablet — something that showcases the real strengths of the device:

“Damn, it’s hard to watch this. Surely a disruption in the space-time continuum caused Microsoft to reach back into the 70s, when a song-and-dance caused shoppers to pull out their wallets.

Give them credit for not just saying “it does a lot of stuff.” But latching onto the click as the big marketing idea has almost the opposite effect from the one they wish. It trivializes the technology they’re so proud of.”

So basically, Microsoft tried to convince users to buy the Surface slate with a 30-secodn dancing video, while at the same time failing to show them the key features of the tablet.

Redmond, as you may recall, created the famous “Surface Movement” commercial.

The company is yet to provide accurate sales figures of its tablets, but unofficial sources indicate that Microsoft has managed to sell around 1.5 million Surface slates since launch. This amount includes nearly 400,000 Pro models that launched slightly over a month ago.

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  • Jeffrey Chard

    What about Office RT. I would have said that was a killer app. The same application the majority of iOS apps try to emulate. Having said that I am looking for a Goodreader replacement.

  • DCJason

    I agree. They scored well on selling ‘cool’, but not enough on the features. There should have been two commercials, one highlighting each to appeal to those who respond emotionally and those who respond logically. Hmmm….maybe they should find another ad company?

    • timiteh

      I aggree.

      Each time i see Surface ads, i have a headache.
      I strongly dislike Apple, but one has to admit that they do know how to create great/efficient ads.
      Microsoft must create ad who clearly show some use cases of both Surface devices.
      The current ads, including those of Windows 8, are both irritating and useless.