Talk about a bright future ahead! While some in the industry circle are of the view that Microsoft is running, not walking, towards its doom, the company itself has other plans.

You know, plans like hiring a couple of thousand new employees.

It goes without saying that as one of the largest technology companies around, Microsoft is always working on a ton of new projects. This holds true, as currently Redmond is busy with new versions of everything from Windows to new Surface tablets.

All are projects that could see daylight in the very near future.

And a study conducted by Griffin Securities, published by the Wall Street Journal, confirms just that. The results reveal that Microsoft is currently looking to hire no less than 2,000 people — most of which are quite likely to work on new projects.

A closer look at the number shows that the Bing search engine is something that is set to receive plenty of improvements soon, as this division needs 249 new workers.

Only 66 are asked to be responsible for the upcoming Office Gemini. Yes, the word only is used relatively in this case.

Interestingly, while Redmond is seeking new workers for the Xbox division, it currently needs no engineers for the phone unit. Make of it what you will, but common sense dictates that Microsoft may not be working on a Surface phone, after all.

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  1. Make sense that MS doesn’t make phone as their phone partners are pretty strong. They make tablets just because the poor product quality of their pc partners.

  2. Hire me!
    Hire me!

    Save me from the burden of school!

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