When it comes to striking deals, few technology companies can rival Microsoft. Redmond regularly signs huge deals with governments, enterprises and organizations the world over, for everything from Windows to Office 365 licenses.

This time the company has managed to sign an important deal for its operating system, in Japan.

Meiji Yasuda Life Insurance Company has recently made the decision to purchase 30,000 Windows 8 tablets for its sales force. And the first employees are expected to get their hands on these slates in September 2013.

Not the type to keep quiet, Microsoft used the occasion to talk about this big agreement while praising its new operating system saying that Windows 8 provides great productivity features in a much more attractive package than other devices that are available on the market.

The technology titan said in a press release:

“Fujitsu, the partner leading the implementation of this deployment, selected Microsoft’s Windows 8 Pro enterprise operating system to develop a specialized Windows 8 tablet to improve customer service by digitizing procedures and providing beneficial information in an easily understandable format.”

This makes is the latest in a series of large, important deals that Microsoft has struck for its operating system since it launched the new platform late last year.

Windows 8 as a whole is gradually increasing its market share, and according to the newest numbers provided by Net Applications, is currently powering 5.40 percent of the computers the world over.

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  • Ray C

    This is a significant move. I find the entire argument that you can’t do anything with a Surface to be BS. It’s one thing to compare it to a desktop or laptop, but you try to make the argument that somehow an iPad is better to take to work is just ridiculous. I have yet to see anyone show me or any reviews showing something you can do with the other brands you can’t do with a Surface outside of better pictures and longer videos. But to be honest even with my iPad, my pictures aren’t exactly studio quality

    • Fahad Ali

      Yup, and not to mention the Windows OS is much more optimized for business and enterprise usage than both iOS and Android. Combined.