Chinese antitrust authorities are currently investigating several companies for violations, with Microsoft being one of them. And now some new details have emerged.

It is being claimed that Microsoft was not entirely transparent when sharing data about software sales in the country, including Windows and Office. Although the investigation is currently ongoing, this was the reason why antitrust regulators raided the technology giant’s offices in the country.

The head of the State Administration for Industry and Commerce (SAIC), Zhang Mao explained that Microsoft is collaborating with the investigators to address these claims:

“After multiple meetings including at high levels, they’ve expressed a willingness to respect Chinese law and collaborate with investigating officials. The investigation is presently ongoing, and we will disclose the results to the public in a timely fashion.”

Hopefully we have these details revealed to the public soon.

No recent statements from Microsoft on this, but the company is probably waiting for the results of the probe to be made public before commenting.

China is also currently developing its own homegrown operating system, which the government plans to launch not just for desktops but smartphones and mobile devices too. This is part of their attempt to step away from Microsoft software.

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  • Ray C

    China is just getting out of hand with this BS

    • Steve Fulton

      You’re right about that. China can’t seem to quit this. It’s a time-wasting obsession.

  • Ted Smith

    Just commented on a similar story. This bores me at this point. Does anyone with an unbiased head actually believe any of this nonsense?