Although Yahoo has made some slight progress recently, Microsoft remains the only company that can complete with Google in the search market. The Bing search service is slowly increasing its share.

But it’s the Yahoo Bing Network (based on the company’s search platform) that has shown some very impressive growth this past year. And this is what Redmond has highlighted in a new blog post that talks about achievements and milestones.

According to the details provided by Microsoft, the Yahoo Bing Network now has 29% share of the market, and that’s not even the best bit here. But first:

“In September of last year, the advertising network had 167 million unique searchers and 5.3 billion monthly searches. That represented a 29 percent piece of the search market pie.”

Microsoft says that worldwide, its searchers spend 60% more time online than Google searchers, which is an important metric when choosing an advertising network.

This, the company, says can help advertisers target a global audience — particularly markets like Canada, France, Germany and the United Kingdom. There is still a lot of room for improvements, as Redmond makes clear in the post above, but things are on a track now.

Recent numbers provided by comScore for the United States market revealed that Google continued to dominate the search industry with a share of 67%.

Microsoft came in second with 19.5%, while Yahoo took third place with 10.3%.

Quite in line with the actual figures Microsoft provided above, and showing that Bing is indeed on the up when it comes to search and advertising business. More growth here, please.

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